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MISSION:  Transformative Justice, Freedom and Joy . . .

Launching Transformative Justice Voices, Projects and Campaigns for

Corporations, Governments, Nonprofits and Ourselves


Strategic Consultant, Facilitator and Coach

Sharon Jai Simpson-Joseph, Esq. has over twenty years of expertise in the arenas of working nationally for social change and transformative justice for highly vulnerable populations.  As the Founder of WINGS CSC, Sharon Jai puts its mission into practice as a change agent, supporting organizations, governments, corporations and ourselves in actualizing their social justice visions and projects – applying a methodology that provides for impact, results and sustainability. WINGS CSC is based upon the principles of transformative justice – highlighting the pedagogy of radical compassion, “what you stand for rather than against” and collective impact. It is founded on the belief that social justice objectives of the 21st century will not be won on conventional battlefields; they will be achieved through the power of this evolved brand of justice and the techniques to apply it effectively.

WINGS Coaching & Strategic Consulting Team Services:

  • Consult, facilitate and coach in core competencies:  strategic visioning/planning, organizational infrastructure, board and collaborative development, team building, leadership, law and policy.
  • Provide project management/change management: social enterprise innovations, growing grass-roots movements, program/curriculum design and implementation.
  • Offer communications consulting and writing: community organizing/outreach, messaging and speech writing, strategic and creative writing, ghost writing and conceptual packaging, publishing coaching – transforming of vision into a book/movement.
  • Life Coach and Seminar Leader: visionary leadership, self-expression and transformative justice.
  • Deliver keynote addresses/Inspirational speeches:  on social justice, vision, creative advocacy.


Fee structure negotiable with project model.


WINGS: Coaching & Strategic Consulting, Atlanta, GA  e: [email protected]  t: 302-715-2165

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