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Poetry, Essays and Moments of Truth

As babies, I believe we can fly.

It comes naturally to us, like drinking mother’s milk and smiling into the sky.

We take flights of abandon and exploration. We learn much about the world and what we are to do here.

Our journeys.

Then, we begin to walk. Things start to slow down. Make less sense.

And we can spend much of our time here on earth searching to capture the magic and euphoria of those early voyages. When flights of fancy were a natural part of our existence. And walking an anomaly.”  

So much packed inside of me, struggling to balance all inside of one Sharon. Seeking with all my heart to be the best Mommy and Wife, Daughter and Sister, Friend and Teacher, Student and Neighbor, Celebrator of God and Spirit Woman, Tough yet Sweet, Tender yet Strong. My Lord, a woman could go crazy trying to keep up with all the world calls her to be, and all that she summons herself to be.

Here I go again, writing in the third person, lofty thoughts and ideas translated to the bottom line . . . school of hard knocks. Knocking at the door of our hearts, stating, for the record, does the sum total of all those goals = half assed?

Look in the mirror. No I vow, that’s not me, the girl that didn’t make that return phone call, who forgot to call Direct TV until 9:05PM when they had closed.

I am the woman whose house is so neat, whose children’s clothes are laid out the night before (and ironed) for the morning hustle.

I am not the woman who didn’t quite succeed at making the dinner she planned, who missed her vitamin dosage and noticed her stomach looking more paunchy than usual, realizing oh, exercising took the fall yesterday and today.

But, yes, I watched two episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and I worked with my son on his penmanship.

I am a woman of the SeaSaw Nation, hear me roar, see me holler, then swallow my words, now watch me serenade.

A bundle of contradictions, yet, Me.

I am the woman who attended Stanford Law School and graduated in my three years time.

Who graduated with no official honors other than the ability to love hard and well, to stand for who I am and defend who others are, to go on campouts and bike rides and sing, while studying could have been done.

My sisterfriend said to me and a small group of our dear friends the other day, what would you do if you could not fail? I love that. Because no matter how much you’ve accomplished, what your lofty or not so lofty goals and blessings are, there’s always that next horizon, at the risk of sounding like a colloquialism, it isn’t only about the destination, it is truly about the Journey, but while we are on it, can we have some fun and joy on the trip.

I am the Woman whose eyes are red-rimmed, with the understanding that life is inherently sweetbitter and who happily celebrates one moment while breaking heart the next.

I am a Woman who in the dark of night still pulls out her wings and occasionally soars.

Welcome to my Village.

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